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Mindfulness During the Day

Mindfulness During the Day

03 Feb 2021

We often hear this term called Mindfulness and feel like it's something completely out of our reach. Being mindful allows you to be more alert and awake on what is going on in the present moment. Anchoring your mind this way has many benefits including resetting the mind of wandering thoughts, finding balance by enjoying what is in front of you and cultivating meaningful and valuable relationships with those you really care about.

Start the day with a mindful frame of mind

Very often we check our phones as soon as we wake up, you may have some missed calls, messages and app notifications waiting for you on your home screen. This can create a lot of different feelings including anxiety, you haven't even started the day yet! Instead of checking your phone, just lay there for a few seconds or minutes and be grateful for a new day. Focus on your breath by breathing in an out as you get your mind ready for the day. Instead of reaching for your phone, be still and take some time to appreciate the moment of waking up.

Mindful relationships

Each day brings new connections with people around us including our community, work colleagues, friends or family. We need to turn up mindfully for how we interact with others. If we are meeting with someone for a meal or a catch-up then we should turn on the do not disturb feature on our phones, this takes away a key distraction! We can focus more on engagement with the person in front of us. This allows us to be fully present and listen deeply to what others are saying.

Your food and drink deserves your attention

Firstly we need to make sure we are drinking enough water each day starting with a glass in the morning. Water allows us to be more alert and present. Dedicate times during the day for eating, not multitasking. As you eat your meal, take your time and don't rush. Focus on the taste and enjoy it! Be mindful on how full you are feeling, if you have had enough then you don't need to have anymore food. This will help you with your portion sizes for next time you sit down for a meal.

Just walk

During the day you should get up and go for a walk. You can walk around your place or even go outside for some sunshine. Focus on each step as you walk around and build an awareness of what is in front of you. Observe the people, traffic, nature and buildings around you and you can get a good sense of your surroundings very quickly. If you're usually on your phone then put it away and focus on mindfully reaching your destination. You can also take deep breaths while you are walking outside to enjoy and appreciate the fresh air.

Press pause

We do so many things during the day that we need to press pause and take some time out to practice mindfulness. You may have experienced a stressful situation and this is a perfect time to take a step back and focus on your breathing. If you have an important appointment then take some time out beforehand to find some balance, this will allow you to be at your best during that meeting.

Mindfulness is a journey like everything else we experience in life. Take time to practice it little by little each day. As you build the foundation of mindfulness into your daily routine you will start to feel less stressed, more happy and fulfilled with your life.