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Well-Being during Quarantine

Well-Being during Quarantine

23 Jun 2021

It’s becoming more and more common to experience quarantine if you want to go traveling, and explore the world during the pandemic. Just thinking about being stuck in a room can bring up feelings of anxiety, As quarantine is something we may all experience one day, we should develop a plan to ensure we look after ourselves during that period of isolation. Being stuck inside a hotel room can impact you in so many ways, this is why your well-being should be a priority. We’ve listed out some tips that can help you during your time inside the room.

Stay connected to loved ones

Because you’re in isolation doesn’t mean you need to feel isolated. Make sure you have regular calls with loved ones during the day and night across the days within your quarantine period. Lock in a recurring Zoom call with some of them, so it’s at the same time each day, maybe you want to have lunch and dinner together virtually. You could also stream Netflix or play some online games such as Among Us. It is really important to be connected and engaged with others.


This is a no-brainer as you’re stuck inside a room and can’t go for a run or walk outside. Block out 30 mins at the start of the day or at the end of the day for your workout time. An essential item that you will need is a yoga mat, this can be your central exercise space in the room. There are tons of great Yoga workouts on YouTube that you can start with. If you want more of an intense workout then you should download the Nike Training Club App (it’s free), the app has a bunch of workouts with different levels of intensity. Some hotels might have gym equipment for hire that you can use in the room, ask them what is available during check in. You will notice your mood improve each time you finish a workout.


Stick to a sleep schedule during quarantine, as it will be great for your overall well-being during isolation. Hopefully you have a really comfortable hotel bed that will allow you to drift off to sleep really well. Set a timer for 10:30pm - 11pm as your sleep time and keep to that timing each night, aim to have 7-8 hours of sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping in the room, then do some breathing exercises beforehand or even when you wake up during the middle of the night. You may also want to listen to some calming music before shut-eye.

Be kind to your mind

You will likely experience many feelings during your quarantine, including feelings of anxiety and loneliness. The first step is to acknowledge these feelings as completely normal. You need to think about that you’re not the only one experiencing being in quarantine right now. Bring more positive thoughts and memories into the forefront of your mind when you feel your mind straying into a negative space. Think about what you will be doing after quarantine and who you will be spending time with.  Practice breathing exercises and meditate regularly to be kind to your mind.

Journal daily
This is the perfect time to really get into journaling. Your journal can serve as a record of your period of isolation and allow you to get your feelings down on paper. Set aside some time each day for your journaling practice, and ensure the place is quiet and calm. Write down which day of quarantine it is and start to pen down how you are currently feeling at that point in time. Write down everything in your mind, picture a stream of writing from your mind to paper.  The next thing you want to write down is what you are grateful for. There are so many things you can be grateful for, but we tend to forget these things when we feel isolated. Finally, write down one thing that you are really looking forward to doing after you get out of quarantine and how that will make you feel. If you stay consistent with your journaling, you will definitely feel a sense of peace and calmness during your quarantine period.