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Wellness Trends in 2021

Wellness Trends in 2021

02 Feb 2021

Welcoming 2021 has been hard as there is a level of uncertainty and anxiety that we are all feeling right now. We are all looking for answers, but we just can't find them. 2021 will be a testing time for humanity, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel with so much to be grateful for. Take a read below of what we believe will be the biggest wellness trends in 2021.

Zoom well-being

Had enough of Zoom? It's not over yet! Our work zoom sessions will still be there, but we will compliment it with more virtual workouts, therapy sessions, cooking lessons, meditation and reiki. There will be classes for everyone to access and participate in. Telehealth is becoming a go to for when you need to speak to a doctor and get the health answers you need from home quickly. You’ll be able to get your medicine delivered to your doorstep after a virtual consultation.

Self-care priority

Being kind to ourselves is going to be so important this year. Self-care will come in many forms such as taking a break from work, starting a journaling practice, getting closer to our spiritual self and going to sleep early!

Quarantine detoxes

Many of us will have to take part in some form of quarantine if we plan to go on holiday or visit friends and family in another country. This is a great opportunity to take a 2-week break from technology and focus on yourself. Lots of travellers are doing this right now and feeling great after they leave their quarantine hotel. You might even build a new habit during the 2 weeks!

TikTok therapy

The TikTok community is full of well-being experts and there are so many videos on how you can look after yourself. Some videos include push-up challenges, making pre-made salad jars, treadmill tips for running indoors, quick lunchtime workout routines, easy ballet and nutrition fact checks. Don't forget that TikTok is also a great place to learn how to dance!

Gratitude practice

We're all looking at photos of our past holidays feeling sad we can't travel right now. We will learn to feel more gratitude for the little things getting us through the day. This trend actually started last year as there were 20% more tweets expressing gratitude in 2020. Practicing gratitude will help us live in the moment and appreciate what we have right now.

Embracing technology for our health

Gadgets and apps will give us data and insights into our health. Activity trackers and smartwatches like the Apple Watch have a lot of functions for tracking various aspects of well-being including workouts, sleep and meditation. The Oura ring can help track your heart rate and sleep patterns. It’s quite popular with NBA athletes.

Being more community focused

We will be helping communities around us as we get through this pandemic together. Although there won’t be physical gatherings, we will come together online in sub-Reddits, private WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups.

Escaping through Virtual Reality

The last trend we feel is growing in popularity is finding wellness through virtual reality. We love that you can be fully immersed in VR and not realise that you are actually working out. You can try out mountain climbing in The Climb. FitXR is a virtual fitness studio which is taught by real-life trainers. Beat Saber is a must if you love working out to music with a pair of laser sabers. There are also plenty of VR apps to allow you to escape into different worlds that you can walk around, sit down and even meditate without anyone disturbing you.