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Wellness products inspired
by our community

The Kind Friend started on Instagram as a place to spread more positivity and kindness.

We realise that finding balance in a world full of noise can be a challenge, we all crave harmony in our lives but the daily pressure of life can get in the way of this.

Our first product, The Kind Friend Journal was developed to be a companion for the mind with carefully crafted templates to help you appreciate quiet moments in life.

  • We embrace our community

    We love connecting and having two-way conversations with our community to understand what really matters to them. As our community continues to grow, we will listen and engage to offer guidance that can help people with the daily struggles of modern life.

  • We create products that align with our mission

    Our first product, The Kind Friend Journal has been thoughtfully created with an intention to help people with their well-being. We love having fun and we want to ensure that our products are fun to use that make you feel good about yourself. We will continue to co-create with our community.

  • We believe in the power of giving back

    We will put aside 1% of our sales every year to important causes that matter to our community. We find happiness in giving back and we hope you do too.

If you think you’re not good enough,
think again. You’re amazing.

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